Update 0.3.0


  • Added 2 new levels!
  • Made Level 2 a bit easier.
  • Reworked Level 3:
    • The box is now a lot easier to push!
    • The hole in the wall has been made a bit larger.
    • The walls on either side of the starting area have been extended.
  • Mouse sensitivity now has 2 decimal points of precision.
  • FOV now has minimum and maximum values of 30 to 110, down from the previous 10 to 150.
  • Fixed some bugs with the crosshair.
  • Fixed next level press not always working.
  • Fixed the spider-man bug (sticking to walls).
  • Fixed jump not working on certain slopes.
  • Removed weird square artifact from bottom left of the screen.

Known Issues:

  • Walking up slopes isn’t exactly the smoothest thing at the moment, a fix is in the works but I wanted to put this update out!
  • Level 1 loading still had a lagspike on some computers, but this is also being worked on!
  • Orbs in Level 6 render at a lower resolution, I have yet to find out why, or how to solve this.


Time Runner 0.3.0.rar 24 MB
Feb 03, 2021

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so awesome! loved it!